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A help for others firmly fits to our values​​. Corporate Social Responsibility is not a slogan for us but it’s a real mission and the commitment  

for people who needs help. That is why we have been trying to provide activity and financially support for the selected initiatives for years.

  • Zdążyć z pomocą


    An illness, an accident or a disability of a child is a tragedy for many families, not just on an emotional level, but also on the material one. The medical treatment and rehabilitation are associated with high costs, and the public health is often not able to provide a proper, free care for them. Foundation for Children "Zdążyć z pomocą" was intended to help in just such cases. Sanmar has been supporting this foundation financially for years. We hope that with our help, a smile appeared on the children’s faces.

  • Akademia walki z rakiem

    The problem of the growing number of cases of the cancer has become the problem of civilization in recent years, the disease affects a growing number of people, including children. Therefore we engaged in helping the Foundation "Academy of the fight against the Cancer" as its partner. The Foundation supports people affected by the cancer and their loved ones. Sanmar aid co-finances the seminars, the workshops and the therapeutic activities organized for the patients of the Foundation and their families.